Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is to bring professionals, thought leaders, and organizers together, and through a culture of contribution, assist in promoting the growth and prosperity of one another. Our “member to member FIRST” referral philosophy drives our communities to thrive through our unique online platform, giving our members the flexibility they desire as well as the deeper relationships of trust required to accelerate their growth. We teach our members how to utilize an online platform where everyone is primarily responsible to promote and work with the individuals in their own community.

Is everything solely online?

While all of our tools and resources are accessible online, our members understand that in order to have success, they will be expected to participate in “off-line” activities to get to know each of the members in their community and build relationships and trust.

What is expected of each member?

Members are expected to support the other members in their community through referrals to prospective customers.
All members are expected to dedicate themselves to studying i-AdMe videos and training materials in order to develop the skills necessary to have success within the i-AdMe system.

What does a community consist of?

Each i-AdMe community will have only one member per each business classification of the i-AdMe approved classification list. i-AdMe reserves the right to limit the number of members from any industry classification group.

What if I change jobs/careers/positions?

Members who wish to change their classification that they represent in their community will be required to submit such request in writing to their Admin for approval.

What if I have an issue or concern?

It is the member’s responsibility to file a concern with the Admin of their community or i-AdMe customer service regarding any member’s activities or business policies that they feel is in conflict with legal or ethical business standards.

What if a member is acting unethically?

i-Adme reserves the right to put a member on probation or to terminate any member relating to a member’s business practices.
A member may be terminated for failure to comply with the policies. i-AdMe communities are a marketing service provided by i-AdMe, LLC. I-AdMe reserves the right to discontinue a member’s participation.

Can anyone get my information?

All i-AdMe membership lists are for the purpose of ‘giving’ referrals within a community and are not to be used or made available to any outside source without prior written approval of i-AdMe and it’s officers.

How many communities are there?

i-AdMe may establish as many communities as it deems appropriate.

Am I guaranteed to have the only community in my area?

Membership in i-AdMe in no way is to be construed as a territorial right or an exclusive right to market in a specific geographic area.

What if I want to change communities?

A member requesting to transfer from their primary community to a new community will be required to submit a request with the Admin for their community and with i-AdMe customer service and if approved will have a mandatory waiting period prior to being accepted in another community.

Where can I find the policies and procedures?

They can be found at the bottom of this page and in the member’s virtual account. The polices and procedures are subject to change. i-AdMe reserves the right to change any policy as it sees fit.

Can I create my own i-AdMe materials?

Other than i-AdMe created materials made available to members, members may not use i-AdMe intellectual property (eg logos, trademarks, names, slogans, copyrighted material, etc.) in any way.

What if I am in multi-level marketing?

While i-AdMe communities are focused on helping small and/or independent business owners and sales people to grow their business, multi-level marketing members of i-AdMe should represent their products and services in i-AdMe and not the business opportunity element of their business.

What is the membership fee and when is it due?

The membership fee of $110 is paid monthly and once paid is non-refundable. The Member has the right to cancel at anytime by clicking “Cancel” in their virtual account.

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